2:00 PM ET

Rising tensions, heightened stakes: A crash course in the latest observations from the cyber threat landscape

Live Webcast|1 Hour

The threat landscape is in continuous motion. It’s constantly shifting and reshaping itself, and it’s up to security professionals to establish that they’re charting the changes, lest they find themselves falling behind in the never-ending race with cyber adversaries.

In this webcast, PwC’s Global Threat Intelligence team shares its insights and experience on the latest dynamic developments from various threat actors active in the landscape, to enable you to be up to date on the latest threat trends, including:

  • Threat actors’ improved ability to react to defensive measures through shared tooling and frameworks
  • The increased influence of geopolitical tensions on threat activity, resulting in cyber espionage and sabotage attacks
  • Cybercriminals’ focus on targeting cloud environments and identity and privileged access mechanisms
  • Shifts in the ransomware ecosystem



Allison Wikoff

Americas Lead for the Global Threat Intelligence


Allison Wikoff is the Americas Lead for the Global Threat Intelligence practice at PwC where she supports numerous business and strategic threat intelligence initiatives. She has over 20 years of experience working in network defense, incident response, intelligence analysis and threat research for large, complex, private, and consulting organizations. Allison holds numerous industry certifications and an advanced degree from Columbia University where she has guest lectured for several information security-focused graduate courses.


Sierra Stanczyk

Intelligence Operations Lead for PwC Global Threat Intelligence


Sierra Stanczyk is the Intelligence Operations Lead for PwC Threat Intelligence and serves as a strategic analyst covering a range of threats and projects. Prior to joining PwC US in 2021, Sierra was the Intelligence Program Coordinator for FBI Philadelphia and spent 12 years with the FBI working cyber and counterintelligence matters.

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