2:00 PM ET

Supercharging your threat intelligence with the tools you already have

Live Webcast|1 hour

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, organizations are sitting on a goldmine of untapped potential within their existing security infrastructure. Our expert panel will guide you through innovative strategies to leverage your current tools for enhanced threat intelligence capabilities. Discover practical insights on optimizing SIEMs, leveraging endpoint protection data, and harnessing the power of network monitoring for a comprehensive threat intelligence approach.


Bill Brenner
Senior Vice President, Audience Content Strategy
CyberRisk Alliance

InfoSec content strategist, researcher, director, tech writer, blogger and community builder. Senior Vice President of Audience Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance.

Vikas Shetty
Vice President of product management
Arkose Labs

Vikas Shetty is vice president of product management at Arkose Labs, a bot management and account security company. Within his responsibilities, he leads the company’s global threat research unit, ACTIR, which is composed of threat hunters, data scientists and treat intel analysts.


Arkose Labs