The Path to Autonomous Identity Security | How to automate manual identity tasks for a more secure & efficient organization

On-Demand Webcast|1 hour

Managing access for hundreds or even thousands of identities in disparate systems with manual processes is difficult, inefficient and – worst of all – risky. Traditional certification campaigns are flawed and time-consuming because certifiers lack the insights and automation needed to make accurate, forward-looking decisions. 

Companies need to shift the way certifications are done by using ML-derived actionable insights to build and maintain an access model. This webcast will provide an overview of the Autonomous Identity Security methodology, including an in-depth look at each step in the process and the technology needed to achieve autonomy. 

Attend the webinar to discover how you can use AI to: 

  • automate processes and workflows to make certification more efficient
  • assess who has access to your org and automatically identify risky outliers 
  • access and create audit reports in real-time to simplify compliance
  • Gain real-time insights from data, usage patterns and comparisons, anomalous access detection, access pattern analysis and other data points


Tom Spring, Editorial Director
Tom Spring
Editorial Director
SC Media

Tom Spring is Editorial Director for SC Media and is based in Boston, MA. For two decades he has worked at national publications in the leadership roles of publisher at Threatpost, executive news editor PCWorld/Macworld and technical editor at CRN. He is a seasoned cybersecurity reporter, editor and storyteller that aims always for truth and clarity.

Rick Wagner
Sr. Director of Product Management

Rick is the Sr. Director of Product Management where he and his team are responsible for emerging AI technologies and expanding capabilities for SailPoint Identity Security Cloud. Rick has several years of extensive experience in identity and access management and security information and event management. He has two boys in college and his love of riding horses and open spaces has allowed him to complete his new house and the next project of building a horse barn on acreage in between Houston and Austin.