Zero trust, untangled: A manager’s guide

On-Demand Webcast|1 hour

Zero trust concepts are often muddied by misconceptions and industry jargon that can stump even the most senior security practitioners. This webinar will untangle the intricate facets of zero trust to help organizations advance and optimize their programs. Talking points include:

  • The biggest misconceptions around zero trust and how to gain a clearer focus
  • How zero trust has evolved in recent years, and how to make the most of those advancements
  • How security managers can better communicate the intricacies and best practices across their organization

Join us as we unravel the complexities and illuminate the strategic implications of zero trust architecture in modern cybersecurity frameworks.


Paul Wagenseil
Custom Content Strategist
CyberRisk Alliance

Paul Wagenseil is custom content strategist for CyberRisk Alliance, leading creation of content developed from CRA research and aligned to the most critical topics of interest for the cybersecurity community. He previously held editor roles focused on the security market at Tom’s Guide, Laptop Magazine, and

Jacob Serpa
Sr. Portfolio Marketing Manager

Jacob lives in Silicon Valley and works as a Sr. Portfolio Marketing Manager at Zscaler, the One True Zero Trust Platform. He has worked in the cloud security space for about six years, starting at Bitglass. His current portfolio marketing role at Zscaler is focused on marketing the Zero Trust Exchange platform as a whole, and explaining the benefits of embracing a zero trust architecture. Jacob earned his MBA at San Jose State University where he graduated at the top of his class.