Bug bounty hunters reported 17,011 vulnerabilities – 61 of which were deemed high in severity – to Facebook in 2014, marking a 16 percent increase in submissions, the social media company announced in a Wednesday post.

Facebook rewarded $1.3 million to 321 researchers in 65 countries around the globe, with the average reward being $1,788, according to the post. India reported the greatest number of vulnerabilities (196), with Egypt coming in second (81) and the U.S. coming in third (61) by volume.

“In fourth, the U.K. also earned the highest amount per report in 2014, receiving an average of $2,768 for 28 bugs,” the post states. “The Philippines was fifth, earning a total of $29,500 for 27 bugs.”

Facebook has paid out more than $3 million since the bug bounty program kicked off in 2011.