Hackers are offering their services to break into corporate email for anyone paying $500, according to the "3rd Annual Underground Hacker Markets Report" [PDF] from Dell SecureWorks.

To grab personal email from Google, Hotmail or Yahoo the cost is significantly less, $139. Need a new identity, passport, Social Security cards or other documents? The fee ranges from $15 to $65. A U.S. driver's license will run $173.

Hackers are expanding their working hours and are employing guarantors to ensure the exchange of data and payment takes place fairly by holding money and the product before distributing it to both parties, the Dell researchers revealed in the just released 25-page report.

The sophistication of hackers' marketing efforts are keeping pace as well, with one hacker, i.e., touting professionalism, experience, quality, power, anonymity and other attributes.

Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, business is booming for these services, the study found.