SiliconAngle reports that SlashNext has introduced the new Generative HumanAI tool with generative artificial intelligence that yields 99.9% accuracy in identifying phishing emails. Generative HumanAI produces thousands of emails based on an analyzed phishing tactic, with the emails then leveraged for hacking campaign detection. Malicious activity is also being detected by new tool by mapping out employee and supplier writing styles, which are used to compare with new emails, as well as an analysis of the tone and topic used in the emails. SlashNext has also touted Generative HumanAI's capability to mitigate phishing campaigns that have been conducted with the use of AI systems, such as ChatGPT. "The addition of Generative AI to SlashNexts HumanAI platform represents a revolutionary breakthrough that provides the only effective prevention, by not only identifying current zero-hour [business email compromise] threats but also anticipating a massive number of future threats," said SlashNext CEO Patrick Harr.