SiliconAngle reports that privileged access management startup Remediant has been purchased for an undisclosed amount by data security firm Netwrix in an effort to bolster its PAM software. Netwrix will be leveraging Remediant's flagship SecureOne offering, which provides not only agentless real-time visibility into always available administrative access but also efficient removal of such access, to strengthen its technical capabilities in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework's identify and protect functions. Netwrix will also be providing current Remediant customers access to more security services in its product portfolio. "We are excited to strengthen our offering in privileged access management to empower organizations with even better resistance to advanced threats. Netwrix now is the go-to company for protection from cyberattacks that leverage privileged access and lateral movement techniques," said Netwrix CEO Steve Dickson. Netwrix's acquisition of Remediant comes after the digital security company bought New Net Technologies, MATESO, and Imanami.