A new ransomware called NitroRansomware demands that victims pay a $9.99 Discord Nitro gift code to decrypt their files, reports BleepingComputer. The ransomware disguises as a fake tool that generates Nitro gift codes for free, which will then encrypt the victim’s files once executed. NitroRansomware changes the user’s wallpaper into an angry or evil Discord logo after the execution is completed. After the wallpaper is changed, a ransomware screen appears, which demands a free Nitro gift code within a three-hour period; otherwise, the victim’s encrypted files will be deleted. However, there is no evidence showing that any user files has been deleted if the victim fails to pay on time.

Aside from demanding gift codes and encrypting victims’ files, the ransomware also steals the person’s Discord tokens, which when stolen, could be used by the hacker to log in as that user. The malware will also try to steal information Google Chrome, Yandex Browser and Brave Browser.