CyberScoop reports that 66% of data breach disclosures last year lacked victim and attack details, a far cry from two years ago when all reported breaches had attack vector information and other details. Nearly 400 million individuals were impacted by 1,802 data breaches last year, and less descriptive disclosures present a challenge not only for consumers but also for cyber defenders and policymakers, a report from the Identity Theft Resource Center revealed. "Thats hundreds of millions of people who are left in the dark about whats happened to them, and more importantly, what they can actually do about it," said ITRC President and CEO Eva Velasquez. The report also showed that data breaches have slightly declined between 2021 and 2022, which is probably due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. More threat actors have also been leveraging API vulnerabilities, rather than zero-day exploits, in their attacks, as shown by the recent T-Mobile breach.