Implementing zero trust security for every endpoint has become increasingly important as more mobile security professionals are being pressured to accelerate the completion of projects over security, VentureBeat reports. Sixty-six percent of mobile security professionals have been expected to prioritize speed over security in their projects this year, which is the highest on record and up from 45% in 2021, the latest Verizon Mobile Security Index revealed. Moreover, security has been sacrificed for deadline adherence and elevated job expectations by 79% of respondents. The findings also showed that most breaches have been attributed to human error, while user-targeted cyberattacks accounted for 82% of all breaches analyzed in the report. Researchers also found that despite increased cybersecurity spending, more enterprises are being impacted by mobile-based cyberattacks. "Now that mobile is critical to business operations, it's getting more attention from bad actors, too. From coordinated state-sponsored campaigns to unfocused, opportunistic criminal exploits, the volume of attacks is going up," said the report.