Cisco Systems yesterday released a security update that patches a high-severity command injection vulnerability in its Webex Meetings Desktop App for Windows.

Discovered specifically within the app's update service, the flaw results from insufficient validation of user-supplied parameters, Cisco reports in an advisory. If the bug is not properly fixed, an authenticated, local attacker could use a maliciously crafted argument to invoke the update service command and execute arbitrary commands with SYSTEM user privileges.

However, there are also conditions under which remote attacks could capitalize on the vulnerability. "...Administrators should be aware that in Active Directory deployments, the vulnerability could be exploited remotely by leveraging the operating system remote management tools," Cisco cautions.

Assigned an official CVSS score of 7.8, the bug has been remedied in version 33.6.0 of the Webex Meetings Desktop App. All previous releases are affected. When running on a Windows end-user system, Cisco Webex Productivity Tools are also affected, starting with release 32.6.0 up until version 33.0.5, which includes the fix.