White nationalist hacker Andrew Auernheimer, who goes by the online alias weev, has claimed responsibility for executing a command to printers across the open internet to print racist and anti-Semitic fliers. 

The fliers, which included imagery of swastikas, were recently printed en masse at universities across the U.S., according to a New York Times report, including Princeton University, the University of California, Berkeley; Smith College; Brown University; the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; and Mount Holyoke College.

In his own blog post several days ago, Auernheimer explained that he used a commonly available port scanner to search across the internet for printers with open ports, discovering close to a million exposed machines. He says he then ran a script that commanded some of these exposed printers to print out the offensive literature, which references a neo-Nazi website. Revealing this vulnerability may have led other hackers to execute a follow-up mass printing of anti-LGBT fliers, which Auernheimer reportedly has claimed was not his doing.

Auernheimer was previously convicted of identity fraud and conspiracy to access a computer without authorization for his role in the 2010 hacking of AT&T's website. The conviction was later overturned. It is believed that Auernheimer now lives in Eastern Europe, according to NBC News.