This is an enterprise software proxy gateway, deployed at the perimeter behind the firewall to manage and secure access to IM services. The product forms the central hub of the Akonix modular suite of IM security products, providing a single point of management for controlling all aspects of IM activity within enterprises.

Features have been developed to allow administrators to meet the government, industry and internal compliance regulations applied to real time electronic messaging.

The gateway boasts support for all major public and enterprise IM services including AOL, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo! Its design, based on plug-in protocol adapters specific to different sets of protocols, gives the choice of optional connectors for integrating enterprise IM traffic from IBM Lotus Messaging, Microsoft Office Live Communications Server and Reuters.

The L7 Enterprise product provides a gateway to proxy IM traffic generated by staff within an enterprise, and managers can monitor all IM communications in real time. It can also be integrated with central virus scanners to monitor threats. Another useful security feature allows you to ensure internal messages between employees are not allowed outside the organization.

It can control or reject peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing use based on attributes including sender, recipient, and file attachment type and size. Message content and file names can also be managed based on keywords and pattern matching.

This product also boasts enterprise-class scalability with each gateway designed to support up to 20,000 concurrent IM users on a single server. Beyond this level the L7 Enterprise gateways can be clustered with multiple gateways distributed across multiple locations to improve scalability.

Compliance Manager, a plug-in module that comes with the product, offers web-based compliance workflows for archived messages. It can provide support for regulatory requirements applying to both email and IM services, access for internal and external auditors and tracking all IM activity.