Bandura makes information actionable by aggregating and integrating threat intelligence in the cloud and focusing on IP and domain indicators to block known bad traffic before it can hit the network. This product proactively partners with threat intelligence providers to offer out-of-the-box threat feeds and block lists. Most organizations deploy Bandura inline, on the network, and in front of the firewall as a first and last line of defense against cyber threats.

The Bandura platform takes a unique approach to threat intelligence. Rather than develop and silo its own threat intelligence, Bandura compiles the threat intelligence gathered by third-party companies and then automates it so that the information provided by other products becomes as actionable as possible. This approach also gives analysts an added advantage. They now have access to information from an array of sources that they can use to gain a better understanding of the activity on their own networks.

Bandura quickly analyzes all inbound and outbound traffic and compares it to hundreds of millions of unique IP and domain indicators of compromise that it has in its reservoir as a result of intelligence aggregation. It then blocks identified threats at scale and in real-time to reduce attack surfaces without impacting network performance.

The dashboard has an intuitive organization with several graphics that show data from different perspectives. The summary page shows a useful overview of those connections that the platform has allowed or denied, the reason and category of those outcomes, and more. This valuable insight enhances overall security postures and provides analysts necessary, actionable information and quick visibility. It even offers risk thresholds out-of-the-box for added simplicity, though analysts still have the freedom to add their own configurations for maximum flexibility. We especially like the dashboard table view. It’s highly customizable, and analysts may use it to learn general and granular data details alike.

Overall, security pros will find Bandura a scalable, open threat intelligence platform with simple policy configurations and effective logging and triage analysis. There are several connectors available that can integrate easily with other leading threat intelligence platforms. This product complements next-generation firewalls with an additional layer of threat intelligence-driven protection and improves their performance with seamless interoperability and valuable third-party threat protection, all of which work together to improve overall network security. Bandura offers all of this protection in one unique, easy-to-use, and massively scalable solution.

Pricing starts at $3,999 for a one-year, Standard 500 Mbps subscription and includes 8/5 phone, email, and website support. Security teams can get 24/7 support for an additional fee. All customers have access to a knowledgebase with helpful documentation, support manuals, and a FAQ list, although we would have preferred separate knowledgebase articles that can be searched easily. This platform offers too many flat PDF files that are not indexed. We suggest Bandura switch exclusively to indexed files for user-friendly navigation.

Written by Katelyn Dunn

Tested by Tom Weil