The CR200iNG-XP from Cyberoam Technologies offers full-scale, best-of-breed protection including an intrusion prevention system, gateway anti-virus, spam prevention at the gateway, web content filtering and a web application firewall - all driven by Cyberoam's identity-based Layer8 Technology. This tool also provides granular controls over applications in use throughout the network.

We found this tool to be simple to deploy. After installing the correct network interface card module we were able to connect the tool to our network and access the web-based management interface via the default IP address of the appliance. Once logged into the appliance, we were able to run the configuration wizard to get it up and running with an initial configuration. The setup wizard not only helped us set IP and network settings, but also helped us set an initial security policy based on three different pre-defined templates. These include a monitor-only setting, general setting or strict policy.

Once we completed the setup wizard, we were able to access the web management interface to begin tweaking our configuration. We found the management interface to be well-organized and to be easy-to-navigate. We did find that the general policy setting that we configured in the setup wizard gave us a good policy base with which to work, so we had to simply add a few settings and tweak a few others and we were up and running with a pretty solid configuration. We also noticed that this product features flexible deployment options that can fit into almost any environment. The CR200iNG-XP can be deployed in a gateway mode for networks that require full firewall and perimeter security, or it can be deployed in bridge mode to integrate with existing security devices. 

Cyberoam provides the user with a very complete and easy-to-follow quick-start guide. Screen shots accompany every step of the configuration process. The user guide also outlines if the end-user would like to configure the device in gateway mode or bridge mode. The guide also outlines the GUI dashboard and what the user should be observing during the setup process of the device. Additional contacts and resources for assistance or trouble shooting are provided and easy to find within the guide. A complete user guide is also provided as a PDF file within the device itself. Once again, the user guide is easy-to-read and is formatted so users have a successful installation process. The guide has numerous screen shoots to assist the end-user, as well as configuration examples to fit within a company's architecture.

This product starts with a base price of around $4,200 and requires security subscriptions to enable features and functions. The security subscriptions are available in various levels - ranging from $2,000 to around $4,000 per year - to enable features, such as malware protection and the intrusion prevention system. These subscriptions also include support costs. With all that said, we find this tool to be an excellent value for the money. The Cyberoam CR200iNG-XP incorporates a solid feature set with a reasonable cost for an overall good value.