The Evidian product suite was one of the most complete identity management suites that we tested. As with most complete identity management products that cover provisioning, password self reset, workflow automation and distributed management, it is a complex product to install and configure. The unique component is the implementation of a web-based single sign-on component that appears to be the closest to identity management federation of any of the products that we tested. The base product uses Active Directory as the authentication mechanism with an included Oracle database for managing additional user info.

The Evidian product suite is complex to set up because of the extensive nature of the product suite. The product can do almost anything that is part of the world of identity management, and the modular nature means that it is a better fit than other complete identity management packages for small- to medium-sized enterprises. Installation of this product should not be undertaken lightly as the integration between modules and components can get complex very quickly.

Documentation for this product is in the form of several HTML-driven PDF files. The help files are necessary almost immediately to distinguish between the modules that are available as part of the Evidian product suite. The files are very complete and are indexed. Due to the large size of the system, a quick start guide would be ineffective and as such it is not included in the product documentation. In addition, the documentation might be easier to use if it had some sort of search feature.

Evidian offers many support options in addition to the support website. The product is massive in its scope, so common support options, like FAQs, are not available, but a large knowledge base is available through the manufacturer’s website.

Priced in the middle range of the products we tested, the Evidian product suite has a large number of features for the price.