Most vendors deliver a variety of packages for different needs, but F-Secure puts one solution into a host of business models. Whether you are looking for a single user license, SME or enterprise, F-Secure AntiVirus version 5 delivers the whole shooting match.

It is easy to install, configure and use, with a choice of installation types to suit your individual needs. Designed for all versions of Windows, Linux and DOS, F-Secure also comes in eight language versions, taking a truly global view.

When installing on a small network on individual workstations you get the management agent, F-Secure BackWeb and anti-virus, which takes a few minutes to install. The scan option can be chosen manually if required and regular updates can be made automatically to keep the software in peak protection mode. This was an extremely simple package to initiate and use and we were looking forward to seeing just how well it performed.

The SC anti-virus tests have been used year on year to provide the information that you need to know. F-Secure AntiVirus has been a strong contender in past years, so we were eager to put it through its paces on this occasion too.

In our first test we were not disappointed, with a return of 100 percent, nor did it falter in our second delivery of viruses, again reaching a perfect score.

In Test 3 it underwent our stringent polymorphic collection, and it was not at all fazed by these either. It continued to deliver, both in the macro and second division tests, with two more 100 percent results.

As far as speed went it took only 3 seconds to scan our directory, and although this was not the fastest it was thorough.

F-Secure's AntiVirus proved it is a very worthy anti-virus solution whatever the size of your enterprise, and for the home user it ­ delivers just the same protection.

Choosing F-Secure as our recommended solution was easy, just look at the verdict.