GFi MailSecurity offers protection from email-based threats, such as viruses or trojans. While this product does not have a broad feature set, the features it does offer are quite comprehensive. This tool uses signatures from leading anti-virus vendors, including Kaspersky, McAfee, Norman, BitDefender and AVG. This tactic allows for a vast amount of malware threat protection and coverage.

The item is simple to install and easy to manage. Installation consists of running an executable on the mail server and following a few steps from a setup wizard. Once installed, configuration of the product is done via the management GUI, which is well organized and easy to navigate. Most of the user settings are configured just by checking a box or clicking a button and protection is enabled.

GFi MailSecurity offers solid mail threat protection that goes way beyond traditional scanning. It scans deep to find viruses and trojans that could be hidden in executables and attachments. This product also protects from email-based exploits and contains a decompression filter and an HTML sanitizer.

Two pieces of documentation are included. One is an installation guide, which details deployment options and installation instructions. The other is a full product manual, which goes into detail on configuring product features and managing the anti-virus products. Both guides are well organized and have loads of screen shots.

Customers who purchase this tool get 30 days of free support after which they can purchase additional support. Help offered by GFi includes phone and email support, along with an expansive support area on the website. This area includes a knowledge base, FAQs section, forums and detailed product information.
While this item does offer a comprehensive amount of virus protection, we find it to be an average value for the money. At a price of about $160 for 10 mailboxes, the installation can get pricey very quick just for protection from viruses.

As this product does not offer anything in the way of content filtering or management, by itself it is not a very effective email content manager.