IronKey Enterprise is a two-part USB flash drive management platform seamlessly rolled together. The first part is the IronKey flash drive and the second is a full, cloud-based management console. The flash drive features onboard AES 256-bit hardware encryption, as well as all the software for remotely managing the device. The cloud-based management console provides all the functionality for controlling devices and managing users. This console also provides a dashboard-based overview of user status and device activity.
Initial configuration of this product is quite straightforward. It all begins with the first flash drive. When the drive is inserted in the machine, the administrator is taken through a setup process to configure
administrative users, as well as some initial policy. Once the setup is complete, the administrator can use the drive to access the console. We found the console itself to be well organized and intuitive to navigate with an overall clean layout.

This product can provide a large amount of flexibility. Since all the encryption and software is hard-coded into the device itself, it is not easily susceptible to tampering or prone to a user disabling the protection. There is also an option available for onboard malware protection for added security and, with the device authenticating with the console before it is unlocked, any data on the device remains safe and encrypted - keeping it out of the wrong hands. However, if a device is lost or stolen, it can be easily wiped remotely.

Documentation included PDF user and administrator guides. We found both to be well organized and each included a number of screen shots and step-by-step instructions.

IronKey provides setup and installation help, as well as access to an online knowledge base at no cost to customers. Full technical support is available for a cost starting at $24 per device per year.

At a price starting at around $80 per device, we find this product to be a good value for the money. IronKey Enterprise offers a nice balance of easy-to-use flash drive encryption and easy management for full data security.