Junos Pulse from Juniper Networks provides full-scale mobile device control and security on a wide array of smart devices. This product can be run as an add-on to select Juniper gateways and SSL VPN appliances, or as a standalone mobile security suite. With Junos Pulse, administrators can push out policies to mobile devices to include anti-virus protection, firewall, remote tracking and device wiping, backup services and application monitoring and control.

This tool is deployed as a two-part install. The first part is to set up the gateway. This can either be a physical appliance that resides on-site with the customer or it can be hosted by Juniper as a web-based console. Once the gateway is deployed, users must download the client application for the device from the application store. Once the client is installed, it can easily be set up and then reaches out to the gateway to download policy.

We found this solution to be quite comprehensive in its way of handling device platforms. This platform flexibility combines nicely with the comprehensive rules and policies that can be defined via the management console - providing an excellent amount of device control.

Documentation included a short administrator guide. We found this to be well-organized with a good amount of information and configuration instructions, but it lacked screen shots and other visuals, such as diagrams and configurations.

Juniper offers technical support as part of a subscription program. Customers can purchase one-, two-, or three-year subscriptions to have access to phone and email technical support, and an online service.

With pricing ranging from around $67 per device for a one-year subscription license for 50 devices, to $18 per device for a one-year subscription license for 25,000 devices, we find this product to be a good value for the money. The Juno Pulse Mobile Security Suite offers a nice amount of functionality and control over mobile devices - no matter which platform.