Sendmail, it is probably fair to say, has the best name in email systems, and its email server is still the most popular on the market.

Its roots go back to the days when its email server engine was free, which is still the case, but Sendmail has built an impressive support network and developed excellent management software interfaces to make it more attractive to the enterprise.

Its Mailstream Content Manager is a comprehensive email solution, offering anti-spam, anti-virus, text and attachment scanning, and policy enforcement apps.

Management and configuration of the software is carried out through a browser-based console.

The product's spam filtering uses a combination of fingerprinting and Bayesian-like techniques, which in our tests proved very successful, with next to no false-positives and almost all spam being correctly identified.

The software uses a confidence rating system that works like Cloudmark's Immunity. Like the vast majority of filtering products out there, Sendmail also uses blacklists and whitelists.

A major part of the software is email policy management. We were able to establish policies and rules to ensure that mail both entering and leaving our test network were as risk-free as possible.

Attachment policies can also be established so that any type of attachment can be scrutinized.

If you are already using third-party anti-virus software or spam protection, these can, in the most part, be integrated with the Mailstream program.

Its main benefit is to protect against DoS or address harvesting attacks – a welcome addition to your armory.

One benefit of the Sendmail software is its history in Linux, meaning that, as well as Win 2K and 2003, the software supports both Linux and Sun Solaris.

Overall, Sendmail has put together an extremely attractive product from which most large firms would benefit greatly.