Quaresso's Protect on Q (PoQ) is not a traditional endpoint product. It is a software solution that helps secure endpoint web-browsing sessions on the server side. PoQ uses policies to enforce various protection mechanisms during the browser session, ensuring the desktop and server interactions are protected against a number of web-browsing threats. The technology uses what is termed an "on-demand" piece of software, called an Enforcer Agent, which can be deployed to Windows computers via various versions of Internet Explorer using ActiveX or Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Once we were able to get the necessary Tomcat and Java requirements up and running, the server components of the PoQ solution were easy to install. Ultimately, the solution is designed to force secure browsing sessions between any Windows-based client connecting to an important web architecture which may need protection from malware, data leakage and other threats.

Typical deployments may include organizations with critical web infrastructures, such as banks or businesses that need to protect intellectual property from client-side harm. The server software can enforce a number of protections, which mandate what the client session can do when it is connected to the web server.

Although the installation files contained a PDF document for administration, the console itself did not have an accessible help file that we could see. Support includes eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week phone and email assistance. However, a web-based support portal is
not available.