Quest One Identity provides administrators with a way to manage and unify accounts throughout the enterprise, including Windows-based accounts, as well as integrating non-Windows-based systems into the account management lifecycle. This product can automate provisioning and de-provisioning of accounts seamlessly without the need for major changes to the infrastructure itself.

Installation and configuration is easy and straightforward. The installation itself is guided by a setup wizard, which helps get all the services installed with a basic configuration. After the wizard is complete, all further administration is done through the management interface. We find this interface to be easy to navigate with an intuitive layout.

This solution features a lot of powerful workflow functions that are well presented in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.

Documentation is comprised of several PDF guides. We find all to be well organized with many screen shots, charts and diagrams.

Quest includes the first year of basic support in the purchase of the product. After the first year, customers can buy additional assistance through an agreement. Support provided includes access to phone- and email-based technical help, as well as an online portal with a knowledge base. Quest also offers various levels of assistance that can be set up to meet the needs of the customer.

At a starting price of $20 per user, we find this offering to be a solid value for the money. Quest One Identity provides identity management for blended environments that need flexibility and granular controls.