The Sophos Mobile Device Management platform (which may shortly be rebranded as InterceptX for mobile) is a native endpoint security solution that integrates with third-party solutions to reduce time and effort spent on managing traditional and mobile endpoints without inhibiting productivity.

We initially struggled to set up this site. Eventually, we had to open a support ticket and were disappointed that we did not receive a response for a full 24 hours. Once we were finally able to log in, however, things went much more smoothly. We found that Set-up Wizards help administrators get up and running quickly with configurable default policies already in place. There are a wide range of broad and powerful settings that can be customized to manage devices. Several “getting started” videos are also available to assist with setup and creating progress charts.

The dashboard is organized, neatly displaying device information regarding status, users, properties and applications. Widgets show device health status at a high-level overview. Users may explore these widgets for more granular information such as compliance status and applied policies. The dashboard also flags all devices it deems non-compliant while the Compliance Tab lists the reasons for such non-compliance.

Windows Threat Analysis Center suggests several options for remediating compromised devices, such as locking and wiping them or apprising users of potential security risks. Windows supports many different automated actions. For example, Windows automatically isolates any device whose health level drops to red while Task Bundles string several tasks together, such as wiping devices, sending messages and installing applications. Automation increases efficiency and minimizes friction.

Sophos Mobile is a great support tool for those looking to achieve and maintain compliance. Administrators can configure compliance to accord with company practices. Default templates are available and can be altered to suit organizational preferences. Pre-defined policies that honor HIPAA, PCI and other state and federal regulations are also provided.

Sophos Mobile offers several different reporting options, including overall device, compliance, application, documentation and malware reports. These varied reports are useful for gaining greater insight into device patterns and a device’s overall security status.

There are two subscription options: Base price for Sophos Mobile Standard is $31.50 per user/year at 100 users; Base price for Sophos Mobile Advanced is $63 per user/year at 100 users. 24/7 support (Phone, Email, Website, knowledgebase and FAQ list) is included with all Sophos subscriptions. Enhanced Plus and a Technical Account Manager are other support options available for a fee.

Tested by: Tom Weil