The TriGeo SIM focuses on a proactive network defense principle by combining functions - such as log management, log correlation and endpoint security - with built-in active response techniques for full-scale visibility of risks and suspicious activity across the entire enterprise network. This product also incorporates an onboard intrusion detection system for added value.

Installation consists of two basic steps. The first is to get the appliance itself connected to the network. This can be done by running a few simple commands. After the appliance is up and running, the management console needs to be installed on a workstation in the environment. This small application takes just a few minutes to install, and configuration of the appliance can then begin. We found the console itself to be easy to navigate with a well-organized layout.

The true power of the TriGeo SIM comes by way of the nDepth explorer and search engine. This allows for quick-and-easy, drag-and-drop custom searches of log data. After a search is defined, further refinement can be done by simply drilling down into visuals and graphs to get an excellent amount of detail on events and network activity.

Documentation included an installation guide, as well as a full user guide. The installation guide detailed how to install the appliance and management console, along with agent deployment instructions. The user guide then detailed how to configure and manage the appliance using the console.

TriGeo offers the first year of support as part of the purchase price. Customers can then purchase additional support through an annual contract. Technical support offered includes access to 12/5 phone and email assistance, all product updates and upgrades, and access to an online customer portal that includes many resources.

At a price just shy of $20,000, this packs quite a punch for its cost. The tool offers a high amount of functionality with solid reporting and analysis features in an easy-to-use device. We find it to be an excellent value for the money.