Tripwire IP360 assesses endpoints, network devices and web applications through credentialed and uncredentialed scans for cost-effective risk reduction. The platform prioritizes risks to focus remediation efforts on only the most critical vulnerabilities according to business-specific asset values.

Tripwire IP360 uses protocol, application and vulnerability detections to prioritize risk and provide the most accurate, comprehensive and efficient approach to vulnerability management.

With Tripwire IP360, creating scans is simple and intuitive. The documentation included with the solution clearly outlines defined setup procedures. Several custom configurations provide flexibility to automate scans according to designated scan types and schedules. Teams can add multiple appliances to pools to increase resiliency and decrease scan times. They can also select from pre-built scans, such as the port scan, that quickly gain visibility into certain areas of an environment. There is even an option to scan both running and non-running containers on docker hosts. As an extra measure, users can configure a global scan window to avoid scanning on certain days or at certain times.

We found that we could easily navigate around IP360’s well-designed dashboards. We looked at post-scan data in several ways and gained valuable insights into this data, including assigned risk scores. The scores include both a CVSS-based score and a Tripwire score, which is a proprietary algorithm that scores data based on various configurations of business-specific asset value tags. We particularly liked the heat map that shows vulnerabilities with existing exploitations because it can easily track the levels of authentication and access for each vulnerability.

The platform comes with multiple report options and a range of analysis views, from a general overview to specified technical analysis. The overview shows a high-level picture of security and trends, while the more technical reports show each independent host and all its subsequent vulnerabilities. For analysts looking for more diverse and sophisticated reports, IP360 includes a free SaaS reporting add-on.

Overall, Tripwire IP360 is a solid vulnerability management solution with a scalable enterprise architecture. It uniquely considers vulnerability age, risk and availability to pinpoint an environment’s greatest risks, then targets remediation efforts for greatest risk reduction. The centralized reporting and security analytics consolidate security intelligence and maximize remediation efficiency to offer optimal visibility.

Pricing for an annual license starts at $5,811 and covers up to 128 IPs. For an additional fee, organizations can add 24/7 phone, email and website support, including a knowledge base. More options are available for additional fees.

Tested by Matthew Hreben