The ZyWALL 70 Internet Security Gateway is targeted at small to medium-sized businesses with up to 200 users. It offers a security appliance with stateful inspection firewall and VPN functionality, along with subscription-based web content filtering services that use a database updated by Cerberian.

Along with the standard Ethernet interfaces for LAN, WAN and demilitarised zones, the ZyWALL also features an expansion port in the rear of the rack-mountable unit for the insertion of an 11Mbps 802.11b wireless LAN card.

It should also be noted that the ZyWALL has two WAN interfaces and is thus able to connect to two internet-facing modems, which allows for redundancy if you have connections via different service providers.

The device also features bandwidth management. This enables you to control network usage, which works through a priority system of traffic control.

Once it has been installed, the device can be configured either via a directly connected system management terminal, or over the network using Telnet.

The easiest option, however, is probably to use the web configurator, which allows you to access the appliance through a browser, and features a wizard for general LAN, WAN and DMZ configuration plus VPN and IPsec setup.

When setting up wireless access on the device, it is advisable to implement some sort of additional security – perhaps remote authentication such as Radius – in order to protect you network from wireless threats.

Following this, you can go on to setup firewall rules and alerts to protect against denial of service and also setup content filtering. This operates as a service provided by content filtering firm Cerberian.

The web configurator also works as a log viewer, enabling you to view all of the applications logs in one location. You can also manage and differentiate between alerts in this console as well as setup reporting procedures.