Larry and I decided that we would do something constructive while waiting for our plane and recap the weekend for listeners/readers:

  • Simple Nomad in lingerie and crotch shots of Bruce Potter are NOT HOT
  • 802.11 packet injection could not be easier with the new release of LORCON
  • New Rule: Malt liquor should not be consumed after 2:00AM
  • Window Mobile is now officially called Windows PwnM3 due to a slew of flaws covered by Seth Fogie. We will be talking about this more on the show soon.
  • Renderman’s arms actually increased in length by a few feet during the duration of the con
  • Core USB light up hubs can get you pwn3d
  • Shmoo balls were orange “stress balls” and hurt when thrown at the “junk”
  • Twitchy is more twitchy at security cons
  • GPF (General Purpose Fuzzer) is great for fuzzing routing protocols as discussed by Raven
  • Dry humpiung is now officially an olympic sport and A.L. is the gold medal winner
  • If a trojan horse shows up at your house it is likely that Johnny Long is inside
  • If you are wearing a sticker that says, “Put Kevin Back In”, pay attention to who is sitting 2 rows in front of you
  • New Rule (Update!): Malt liquor should not be consumed period, only poured out for your “homies”
  • OLPC could either further society as a while or be used to create a 10 million node botnet. Commence debating….
  • Parental controls are not a replacement for parenting
  • Light sabers hurt when they are used to spank you repeatedly
  • Larry and MajorMaulfunction have a “special” connection as RFID cloing was demonstrated and proved to be very easy. Toolkit released.

Greetz to Hak.5, Cyberspeak, Sploitcast, Martin Mckeay, MajorMalfunction, Luiz, A.L., “Ducksauze”, RI Hackers, Josh, dragorn, render, Binary Pirates, and everyone else that I forgot to mention. Thanks to the Shmoo group for an awesome conference!
Paul & Larry