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How to train your team on data privacy.

Phishing campaign spoofs security awareness training notifications

That anti-phishing training email your employees just received may, ironically, actually be a phishing email, according to cyber threat analysts who recently uncovered a security awareness-themed online social engineering campaign. In a blog post on Wednesday, experts at Cofense reported on a phishing campaign that sends emails purporting to be a notification urging employees to…

Expect rapid growth in BEC scams to continue, despite global crackdown

The Justice Department’s extradition of Deborah Mensah from Ghana for her alleged participation in a multimillion-dollar business email compromise (BEC) scheme marks the latest move in a flurry of global activity to stop increasingly prevalent email scams. Since 2018, the department has participated in two massive international operations netting nearly 370 arrests, and the FBI…

DMARC embraced by government, private industry lags

Even though the adoption of DMARC has grown over the past year, only 21 percent) of Fortune 500 companies are protected from being spoofed with only 13.9 percent of all domains enforcing the standard. Industry sectors lag substantially behind U.S. government entities where three-fourths of U.S. federal domains are safeguarded by DMARC enforcement, according to…

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