Anil Lamba
Practice Head – Cyber Security
EXL Service, Inc.

Why Nominated: Anil Lamba is a notable industry speaker, researcher, an innovator, and an influencer with proven success in spearheading Strategic Information Security Initiatives and Large- scale IT Infrastructure projects across industry verticals.

Profile: Anil Lamba has striven to change the way organizations approach security, placing an emphasis on making informed decisions regarding products and services to best protect the organization, employees, and customers. He has spent much of his career meeting with CISOs and CIOs to advise and educate them on threats, required policies, processes, and expertise.

What colleagues say: “His lifelong accomplishments have truly moved the needle in cybersecurity, arming organizations with better technology, approaches, capabilities and ultimately outcomes in the cyber battle. He has proven ability to see the whole picture and dived into the bits and bytes. Just like he participates in board meetings, he also participates and follows engineers’ discussions. Anyone that knows him, knows of his passion and love for what he does and appreciates his contributions. As he always say, I am here to always offer the cyber security industry with innovations that will stand the test of times – I am sure that he continues to focus on this field for the benefit of overall ecosystem.” – VP of Technology Transitioning, EXL Services Inc.

Rob Abel