Encryption can help prevent customer exodus and embarrassing headlines.

The mikes were fired up and the dials set to ten as we readied ourselves for a transatlantic link-up in April. This time, the SC webcast panel focused on the business implications of data breaches.

We were joined by two internationally renowned experts on data security and encryption techniques. Larry Ponemon, founder and chairman of The Ponemon Institute, and Kevin Bocek, product marketing manager, PGP Corporation formed a unique double act as they went through the findings of The Ponemon Institute's 2006 Annual Study: The Cost of a Data Breach.

The study summarises the actual expense incurred by 31 organisations after a data breach, including the average cost per compromised record and the impact a breach has on consumers.

The webcast provided an exclusive insight into the overall recovery process, the primary cause of data breaches, and how organisations can, and should, reduce the impact of any confidential data loss.

The webcast proved extremely topical, going out as media coverage of data breaches on both sides of the Atlantic hit new highs. This context gave the webcast an extra frission as the speakers could point to real-world events and advise listeners on avoiding similar consequences.

A key part of strategies under discussion was the importance of encryption, particularly applied to data held offsite.

If you missed the original webcast, a full transcript is available for download at www.scmagazine.com/uk/events.