At a public appearance this week in San Francisco, former NSA Director Mike Rogers called for the public and private sectors to form a united front against cybersecurity threats, noting that corporate and government cultures still "do not understand each other."

The former commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, Admiral Rogers is now an advisory board member of the cybersecurity-focused venture capital firm Team8. Rogers spoke at Rethink Trust, a private event held in San Francisco during the RSA 2019 conference.

"Expecting the private sector to literally withstand the focused efforts of entire nation states that are working in a very synchronized strategy way to attempt to gain advantage, I don’t think that’s realistic," said Rogers. "Likewise, going, 'Well, this is the government’s problem,' is not going to work. It’s our ability to team together that I think [is] one of our big challenges as I look to the future."