The Idaho Department of Corrections reported that 364 prisoners hacked into its computer tablets and falsely credited almost $225,000 into their personal prison accounts.

The prisoners found a vulnerability within the JPay tablets, which are used within the institution for inmate email, music purchases and handling their store accounts, which allowed them to falsely credit their accounts with thousands of credits, The Hill reported. Fifty of the prisoners credited more than $1,000 to their accounts, while one individual moved in $10,000.

The Department of Corrections was able to recoup about $65,000. The hacks were discovered in early July.

No details on the vulnerability that was exploited were given. According to an AP report, the scam involved inmates at the Idaho State Correctional Institution, Idaho State Correctional Center, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino, South Idaho Correctional Institution and the Correctional Alternative Placement Plan facility.