Along with new features, Google's latest iteration of its mobile operating system for Android devices, Android O, blocks ransomware, at least malware using system-type windows, according to a post on Symantec's Security Response blog.

Most ransomware draws a system-level window so the locked screen appears to float on top of the other windows, thus making the device unusable until a ransom is paid. The upgrade to Android O deprecates some system-type windows, the report stated.

There might be a problem, though, for users without the latest version of Android. Those with older versions could still be at risk for a ransomware attack launched by this method, as well as other forms of ransomware.

Symantec had the following recommendations:

  • Keep your software up to date
  • Refrain from downloading apps from unfamiliar sites and only install apps from trusted sources
  • Pay close attention to the permissions requested by apps
  • Install a suitable mobile security app to protect your device and data
  • Make frequent backups of important data.