I’m very pleased to share some details of an event we have coming up, which offers fresh insight on securing hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Cloud security may seem a well-worn topic. But as the technology and the use cases evolve, so do the considerations for securing networks and data. We transitioned as a community from skeptical, figuring that no virtual environment could be as secure as one confined to the four walls of a data center, to apprehensive – dipping in our toes with lower risk workloads like storage and email. And now most every business, from small to large, relies at least in part on cloud to support the IT infrastructure.  

But interestingly, the very tactics that contribute to both agility and security within the cloud – hybrid and multi-cloud models – can introduce vulnerabilities if not properly locked down. That’s what our lengthy roster of experts and practitioners will address during our eSummit, “Closing security gaps in hybrid and multi-cloud environments,” Oct. 21-23. How diligent was implementation planning? Was access management properly addressed? How are legacy systems and applications managed? Are you compliant with data-privacy standards? Among the featured speakers: Bob Kolasky of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency; Fredrick “Flee” Lee of Gusto; Steve Lukose of Clari; Tee Patel of Iron Oak Security; and long-time cloud security and data protection expert Umesh Yerram. 

Particularly in the current environment, where organizations are rapidly adapting to the distributed workforce, cloud computing can be the greatest enabler, but also a critical security challenge. Join us starting at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 21, to hear how to strike the proper balance. I’ll see you there.