Winner: eBay

Dave Cullinane, the CSO at eBay, and his top-level management team lead by example with an incredible pairing of expertise and work ethic. They have created a world-class security team that is highly integrated with the business. eBay's state-of-the-art security practices are an optimal combination of people, process and technology. It is a team that not only focuses on securing eBay, but on securing the entire internet.

As the world's leading online marketplace, eBay's main product is trust. The company's security team has established itself as a critical enabler of a trusted marketplace by proactively engaging with internal departments, partners and customers to identify opportunities to reduce fraud and prevent security incidents from ever occurring.

While many security teams are reactive to security incidents, eBay works to secure the future of the business every day. As an example, eBay's security team keeps ahead by leveraging emerging technologies, like Zscaler's SaaS web security and other cloud-based security services. When eBay must pursue criminal hackers, it does so with a combination of world-class tools, innovative partnering and a relentless commitment to the mission. The infamous hacker Vlad “Vladuz” Duiculescu was apprehended by Romanian authorities as the result of an eBay-led coalition that included the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, Department of Justice, and Department of State, among others.

Cullinane and his security team are driven by ROI metrics, and are advanced in their use of risk analytics. eBay is able to accurately predict the amount of fraud reduction and cost savings that will result from an investment in information security resources. eBay also takes a leading role in supporting community-based security initiatives. The company understands that achieving a more secure internet is a shared responsibility. To achieve this, eBay encourages a spirit of cooperation and shares incident information with peers. Its huge online footprint allows it to often identify dangerous malware prior to anyone else; and it openly shares this information, even with competitors. eBay is also noted for hosting educational events for a cross-section of Silicon Valley companies. Cullinane encourages his team to stay involved in all major security associations and events to help move the industry forward.

Finalists 2010

  • eBay
  • Cargill
  • Diebold
  • Southwest Washington Medical Center
  • Troy University