We're trying to get the specifics, but a Deloitte spokeswoman has confirmed for SCMagazineUS.com that a laptop containing the personal information of Deloitte employees was stolen from a third-party vendor.

Deloitte "has communicated with its own people to help them limit any potential misuse of their data," spokeswoman Deborah Harrington wrote in an email. "That's the extent of our comment."

What's the big deal, you wonder? Sounds like just another lost laptop.

Except this laptop, according to a letter-to-the-editor SCMagazine received from a man who says he is a Deloitte employee, contains confidential information about a number of current and former partners and principals of Deloitte and its subsidiaries. A vendor hired to scan pension documents was in charge of the laptop, which was stolen during Thanksgiving week, according to the letter.

Efforts today to contact the letter writer were unsuccessful.

We're trying to find out more information - ie. how many people, what type of sensitive data, has any of the information been misused.

We'll keep you posted.