A Luxembourg based banking group has bought an access rights solution to manage the accounts of more than of its 40,000 users.

The Fortis group, which includes banks in Belgium, the Netherlands and the Banque Générale du Luxembourg, has bought corporate licenses for SAM Jupiter, and Password Reset from Beta Systems Software. The contract also includes a maintenance agreement covering the above.

"We started by evaluating the entire provider market", said Marc Simoens, security architect at Fortis Bank in Belgium. "We discovered that the standard solution can be integrated into the existing security architecture at Fortis Bank without substantial customizing work."

The banks intend to introduce the first implementations of the role-based security product by the end of the year. The solution will allow human resources systems to correspond with job-related data and employee status.

A spokesman for Beta Systems Software said it would allow centralized access to corporate IT systems and internal bank business applications.