By Marcos Colon

A new global study has found that organizations are detecting breaches much sooner.

Comprised of data gathered from breach investigations in 2016 at hundreds of organizations across 21 countries, results from the “2017 Trustwave Global Security Report” indicate that intrusion detection is getting better.

“The median number of days from the first intrusion to detection of the compromise decreased to 49 days in 2016 from 80.5 days in 2015, with values ranging from zero days to almost 2,000 days (more than five years),” according to the report.

The response time was even better for businesses that detected intrusions on their own. For internally detected data breaches, the median time between intrusion and detection was just 16 days in 2016, compared to 15 in 2015.

But those figures drastically change when law enforcement or other third parties notified them of the breach, which extended the time to 65 days in 2016 – a vast improvement when compared to the 168 days it took in 2014.