A laptop which may contain personal information about members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union 555 in Oregon was stolen in March.

How many victims? 19,000.

What type of personal information? Birthdates and Social Security numbers.

Quote: "Our union Local 555 wasn't the union that had the laptop stolen and so we weren't in control of the situation," Dan Clay, the union's president told KPTV Fox 12. "We weren't made aware of it until very recently.

Details: The UFCW represents about 19,000 workers in Oregon and southwest Washington. The laptop was said to have been stolen on the East Coast, however. Other details of the breach were unspecified.

What was the response? The UFCW recommended members place fraud alerts on their credit files.

The UFCW's information technology department is making sure that members' personal data is held as securely as possible, a spokeswoman for UFCW International told KPTV Fox 12.

Source: https://www.kptv.com, KPTV Fox 12 News Oregon, “Union's Stolen Laptop May Have Critical Info,” May 13, 2009.