Who are the victims? Nearly 3,000 residents of Cuyahoga County who have received assistance through a weatherization program.

What happened? Carjackers stole a vehicle from the spouse of a county employee. Along with the car, the criminals stole a computer memory stick filled with the names, addresses, phone and Social Security numbers of county residents. The victim’s wife had taken the drive home with her.

What was the response? The county is sending out a letter to victims. The employee has not been disciplined, and the county has said she did nothing wrong.

Quote: “She was distraught. She was embarrassed. She was unhappy,” said Paul Oyaski, Cuyahoga County director of development.

To help: Anyone who believes he or she might be a victim can contact the Cuyahoga County development office at (216) 348-4086.

Source: WEWS newsnet5.com, “Thousands of personal records stolen in carjacking,” July 9