The personal information of current, former and future residents of a housing complex at the University of Georgia in Athens was exposed after hackers accessed a server.

How many victims? More than 4,000.

What kind of personal information? Names, Social Security numbers and addresses.

Details: Officials traced the offending machine back to an overseas IP address. There is no reason to believe the hackers either purged or used any of the data.

What was the response? The university took the server offline after the incident, which happened between Dec. 29 and 31. The college is trying to contact all the victims, which includes 540 current graduate students and 3,710 former students and applicants.

Quote: "It seemed to be one of those things where the door opened, but no one walked in. But still everyone needs to be notified." - University spokesman Tom Jackson.

Source:, The Associated Press, "UGA contacting 4,000 after computer breached...," Jan. 9.