Denton, Texas-based Integrity Transitional Hospital, a facility that receives laboratory specimens from companies that work with various healthcare providers, and then submits these specimens to laboratories for testing, announced a breach that may have compromised patient data.

How many victims? 29,514

What type of information? Results of lab tests, health insurance data, and driver's licenses associated with the lab's patients may have been affected by the breach.

What happened? On August 15, 2016 the hospital spotted suspicious activity on its network that may have affected the systems related to its laboratory services. An investigation into the breach, conducted by a forensics firm, found that an unauthorized individual may have accessed some of the lab results, lab testing information, health insurance information, and scanned driver's licenses associated with the laboratory's services.

What was the response? Integrity began notifying its patients on October 14, 2016 and has set up a call center to answer any questions. Those who haven't received a notification by October 29, 2016 or those with questions concerning the incident are encouraged to contact he facility.

Quote: “Integrity is committed to the security of the sensitive information it maintains and is taking this matter very seriously,” officials said in a notification. “To help prevent a similar incident from reoccurring, we are enhancing existing security on our systems related to the laboratory information we maintain.”

Source: Integrity Transitional Hospital, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights