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Hack of ABC’s Twitter account hails Trump

March 23, 2017

The Twitter accounts of Good Morning America, GMA Pop News and ABC News were hacked on Thursday with a series of irreverent posts being added, including two praising Donald Trump, according to a report on CNBC.

The tweets, which began sometime after 6 a.m., also included a claim that the perpetrators were Russian hackers and one claiming that the rapper Tyler the Creator had died in a tour bus crash. Others were filled with profanity.

Administrators at ABC News were able to remove the tweets and contain the damage by 7 a.m., but not before some of the posts were captured in screen grabs. One post to the ABC News account read, “follow @CNN for real news, our news is wack.” 

The actor or actors behind the tweets is still unknown.

This is just the latest account of a high-profile Twitter account being taken over. Last week, McDonald's Twitter account  was hacked with a message disparaging Trump. In January, an intrusion into the New York Times Twitter account posted a fake news item about a Russian missile attack on the U.S.

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