Hackers on Sunday stole close to $500,000 in Ethereum from Enigma, a cryptocurrency trading platform provider, after compromising the company's digital assets in order to advertise a fraudulent crypto wallet address where users could buy tokens for an Initial Coin Offering.

To pull off this scam, the cyberthieves secretly accessed Enigma's website domain, Slack channel and mailing list, using these various channels to reach out to those interested in investing in Catalyst, Enigma's trading platform. While Enigma's ICO isn't until September, the company has been holding a pre-sale for accredited investors.

Citing Etherscan, TechCrunch reported that the culprits had already collected 1,492 in Ether coin, or approximately $494,170.68, by Monday morning (ET).

"At this time the Enigma team has retaken control of all compromised accounts, including the website," Enigma announced via Twitter on Monday. "Some pages will remain deactivated for the time being while the team works. Please continue to be vigilant and check out communications across ALL channels. Do not send any money or personal information to anyone." The company also said that it deactivated its Slack account and is instead now using Telegram to directly communicate with its community members.

The Enigma caper is very similar to a July 2017 incident in which cyberthieves made off with $7 million in Ethereum investments after hacking CoinDash, another virtual currency trading platform provider, during its ICO.