An Auburn, Washington-based food bank that provides meals to individuals in need has reportedly been victimized in a ransomware attack, leaving staff members unable to access files and emails.

A report from the Auburn Examiner says the June 5 attack on The Auburn Food Bank has reduced the charitable organization to one working computer, currently acting as its server.

BleepingComputer has reported that the ransomware strain was identified as GlobeImposter 2.0. The food bank has no plans to pay the ransomware's distributors, but will cost $8,000 to replace the infected equipment.

"We are going to need help paying for this,” said Debbie Christian, The Auburn Food Bank's director, according to the Examiner. "Not to pay the ransom, but to pay for the expense of recreating our computer system. We don’t have this kind of money budgeted and we are at the end of our fiscal year and heading into summer when money is already tighter."

In addition to financial assistance, the food bank is also looking for individuals who can donate their time toward recreating Word and Excel forms, moving boxes, and working at the food bank using one of their computers. Prospective volunteers can call The Auburn Food Bank at (253) 833-8925.