The Cybersecurity Collaborative launched a Cloud Security Task Force with the mission of helping organizations guide their migrations and secure ongoing digital transformation initiatives.

The Collaborative convened the task force of roughly 15 chief information security officers in February as more organizations — driven by evolving work-from-home needs and ever-growing requirements to digitalize operations — have been expanding their cloud footprints. 

In addition to giving Collaborative members a forum to share best practices and challenges, the task force aims to generate guidance documents that will support efforts by organizations to keep cloud migration efforts on a secure footing, while helping to identify and control unknown costs of cloud deployments. 

“Cloud security is a more than a hot topic, it’s an imperative,” said Collaborative Executive Director Parham Eftekhari. “With member organizations advancing their learning at such a rapid pace the value of pooling knowledge and resources grows greater.”

On the task force agenda: (1) Developing a security controls checklist and question list that consolidates policies across diverse cybersecurity associations and agencies; (2) developing a tool to assess hidden costs associated with cloud migration; and (3) identifying organizations and companies able to assist in customizing migration approaches.

The Collaborative will introduce the task force developed tools to its members in July and host a public webinar this summer to discuss learnings with the broader community.