Cloudflare’s CEO is blaming a spike in CPU usage worldwide for the service outage on July 2 that knocked its own website along with many of its clients offline.

Matthew Prince, CEO of the content delivery network, also tweeted that there is no evidence the outage was a result of an attack and he did not want people to jump to any conclusions prior to the investigation being completed.

A Cloudflare blog on the incident stated the problem lasted about 30 minutes with visitors receiving a 502 message caused by the CPU usage spike. The spike was caused by a bad software deployment that has since been rolled back.

"This was not an attack (as some have speculated) and we are incredibly sorry that this incident occurred," the blog said.

The July 2 issue comes one week after Cloudflare suffered widespread network issues that knocked a number of its customers offline. The company is not saying if the two incidents are related.