Employers are having a hard time keeping up with their distributed workforce — and keeping the devices theys use secure — as one new study shows.

Our colleagues at MSSP Alert shared the findings of mobile security specialists Mobile Mentor's study, "The 2022 Endpoint Ecosystem," which noted that password hygiene among employees is “risky,” on-boarding of new employees is “inefficient,” and Shadow IT is “out of control.”

The authors define the endpoint ecosystem as the combination of all the devices, applications and tools plus the employee’s experience using that technology and the trade-offs between security and employee experience that every employer must face, MSSP Alert's D. Howard Kass wrote.

Of the study’s 1,500 employees across the healthcare, finance, education and government sectors in the U.S. and Australia, 36% admitted to finding ways to work around security policies and 72% value their personal privacy over company security.

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